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City of Detroit Free Yoga in the Park

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"Yoganic Flow Community Yoga is Community Care. Youth, adults and seniors join us every summer in Detroit's parks,”

1. Detroit Yoga and Summer fitness

Yoganic Flow & the Detroit Parks Coalition’s ‘Yoga in the Parks’ series returns this summer.

These 60-minute outdoor community yoga classes for all levels and ages are free to attend. They will be held across five different Detroit parks and green spaces starting this June 3rd until Sept. 2nd.
“Yoganic Flow Community yoga is Community Care. Youth, adults and seniors join us every summer in Detroit's parks,” said Yoganic Flow Founder Kerrie Trahan. “Our yoga offerings contribute to intergenerational health and engagement in our neighborhoods. We welcome all community members to join a free, inclusive and accessible Yoganic Flow yoga class this summer in the ‘Yoga in the Parks’ series offered with Detroit Parks Coalition.”

These events are a great way to get to know your community and see what's new with the Detroit are. 

Yoga in the Park
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2. The Free Yoga Class Schedules

Classes begin Saturday June 3rd. You can find a day to attend the free yoga class of your choice below. Grab a friend and get ready to stretch away worries and cares. 

Class schedule 

6 p.m. Wednesdays
Clark Park, 4301 W. Vernor Hwy.
Meet by the ice rink
6 p.m. Thursdays
Belle Isle, 3 Inselruhe Ave.
Meet in front of the Belle Isle Aquarium
9 a.m. Saturdays
Palmer Park, 910 Merrill Plaisance St.
Meet by the community garden
10 a.m. Saturdays
Chandler Park, 12600 Chandler Park Dr.
Meet on the football field
9 a.m. Sundays
Rouge Park, 21415 Plymouth Rd.
Meet near the Pistons Courts

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3. Three Things Yoga Can Do for You.

1. Strengthens your muscles and bones.

Some don't know, but after age 30, we start to loose muscle mass, which can lead to reduced mobility. Acording to some specialists, practicing yoga can lead to stronger muscles. When we do push-ups, planks, and arms and quad shaking, we know we are building strength. A study published in Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation had around 200 women practice 12 yoga poses including Vrikasana (Tree Pose) and Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II) for 12 minutes a day over the course of two years and found that yoga could increase bone density over time. 

2. Improves posture.

Posture is one major benefit of yoga in a world where most of us bend over a desk all day. Maintaining good posture can help reduce neck pain, increase energy levels, and improve digestion some research has shown—and yoga can help you straighten out your spine. Postures such as Downward Facing Dog, Dolphin, Wheel, and Forearm Stand will strengthen muscles in the neck and shoulders and elongate the spine.

3. Helps to reduce chronic pain.

An estimated 50 million people suffer from chronic pain, the CDC says, yoga has been found to provide relief in many ways. Yoga improve flexibility, range of motion, and it also reduces inflammation, which may contribute to pain. A published review in Pain Research and Management found that a wide range of yoga poses reduces chronic back pain. This was also the same if practiced for a short amount of time. Other studies in Medicine showed that yoga might reduce neck pain and improve pain-related to disabilities.

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3. Is Yoga for everyone?

Yoga is for absolutely everybody, and its not all headstands and odd possess. It is accessible to all body type and helps your body gain strength and maintain bodily function, such as lifting your arms and bending your legs. 

Some Professionals recommend beginners start with Flow yoga. This builds your strength and allows you to learn the poses. For intermediate or advanced people, "Hot yoga", or Power yoga can help build strength and flexibility while burning calories. 

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